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The Oly Float & Soul Space Team

The Soul Space | Olympia WASpecialty Areas: Floatation Therapy

Everyone you meet at Oly Float & The Soul Space is an experienced floater and can address any questions you have about floatation therapy and sensory reduction & relief. Oly-Float-Logo-White-v2-1000x647Oly Float & The Soul Space is a independent business co-operatively owned by Dan Larsen and Taryn Marchie . As owner-operators of Oly Float and The Soul Space, it’s Dan and Taryn’s goal to be of maximum healing influence in our Olympia community, helping bring rest, relaxation and sanctuary into our stress-inducing culture.

Whoever you talk with at Oly Float, we’ll help you identify the best approach to addressing your personal health and wellness needs, whether it’s for injury management, sports performance enhancement, meditation and mind training, recovery from trauma, or just simple relaxation and escape from daily stress for an hour or two.

Dan Larsen

Specialty Areas: Energy Work, Applied Kinesiology, Allergy Elimination, Epigenetics, Floatation Therapy

Dan Larsen

Dan wears many hats at Oly Float & The Soul Space. He is co-owner of the center, as well as its “Chief Experience Officer” and General Manager. Alongside serving as an experienced float guide, Dan is also an energy worker with Intuitive Being.  Through Intuitive Being, he offers a range of wellness and energy work services designed to free you of your emotional baggage; re-pattern core beliefs; align body, mind and soul; and help you remember your true self that existed prior to challenging or traumatic experiences that changed how you thought about yourself. He employs a variety of healing modalities to perform clearings or corrections for those imbalances, including sound healing; electromagnetic stimulation; hands-on healing that includes reiki and qigong; light therapy, and more.  He works with the mind, as a focused generator of energy, as its influence in all aspects of our being. He loves helping people with chronic, difficult states and conditions that other therapies have been unable to heal or resolve.  He’s also a passionate advocate for entheogenic medicines and loves working with people for pre-ceremony preparation and/or post-ceremony integration work.

Dan’s journey to the healing arts was an unconventional one. Evolving through atheistic emptiness, to a study of dharma and meditation, and later to metaphysics and the realms of energy work, his career has found him serving in both fortune 100 healthcare environments and in independent practice.

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Mandy Zabohne


Specialty Areas: Cranio Sacral TherapyMassage Therapy, Body CodeReiki, Energy Work

All her life, Mandy has sought to make the world a better place, and her passion is in the heart-to-heart support of people to help them become the best and happiest versions of themselves. Mandy came to Olympia in 1998 to attend The Evergreen State College, where she graduated with a degree in political economy, environmental science, and art, while also working with Latin American solidarity campaigns and teaching as a volunteer in the state prison at Shelton. She has been highly influenced by the Anti-Oppression curriculum of Dr. Leticia Nieto, which places our personal, emotional struggles in the context of our place and privileges in society. Her commitment to social and ecological justice is a huge motivation to help individuals clear physical and emotional obstacles that prevent us from living as we know we’d like to live.

She discovered her love of healing arts while searching for a deeper level of that transformation. She graduated from Brenneke School of Massage in 2008, and soon after enrolled in the most in-depth cranio-sacral therapy program available in Washington, taught by acupuncturist Ursula Popp. The skills of cranial work combine beautifully with the energetic healing techniques of her mentor, Jennifer Nevy, including Body Code, Emotion Code, Natural Force Healing, Reiki, and Hands of Light. Both of these programs include a foundation of Five Elements Chinese Medicine, which seeks to understand the body and psyche as a natural system that heals through balancing itself. She also practices Polarity Therapy and Zero Balancing, along with continuing her education of Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, and Herbal Medicine. (She loves to study and she loves to share what she learns.) She uses Applied Kinesiology both as a tool in these healing techniques, and to discover which techniques are most helpful for each custom session. Everything she offers can be used for the treatment of acute or chronic injuries, complementary care, and relaxation, or personal growth, prevention, and wellness.

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Paulette Guilbault

Specialty Areas: Massage Therapy, Dynamic Cupping, Gua Sha, Pregnancy Massage

Paulette Guilbault, Massage Therapist Olympia WAPaulette graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy Skills in Seattle in 2018 and has been loving every day she comes to work ever since. Born on the east coast, in Rhode Island, she has been a Pacific Northwester for eight years now. Her journey into the healing arts began when she was in the Navy and became committed to fitness, health and well-being, and fascinated with amazing functionality of the human body. The high stress, fast paced environment of the military helped her appreciate those little moments away to get a massage or indulge in a float. When she separated from the service, she decided she wanted to pursue a career in helping others find peace, balance and relief from pain and stress, and also just slow down with her own approach towards life. She is perpetually seeking knowledge on how we can heal ourselves through self care, stress reduction and overall mindset. In her words: she considers it such a gift to be able to do what she loves every day and in such a wonderful sanctuary like Oly Float. She looks forward to serving you while helping to illuminate the path to your healing and serenity.

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Rachel L. Nickels (AKA Rachel Rose)

Specialty Areas: Massage Therapy

Rachel Rose, Licensed Massage Therapist Olympia WARachel Rose is a Graduate of Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics. She has been practicing massage since 2018, specializing in Swedish Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Injury Treatment, Postural Awareness, Prenatal Massage, Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy. She loves learning new things, with a passion for Energy Medicine, Reiki, and Quantum Healing. As an empath and mother, she is caring and devoted to every individual’s unique healing process. She believes in holding space for her clients to repair and heal during their session. Each individual has different needs that massage therapy techniques in conjunction with other natural therapeutics can help to resolve over time, all while relieving stress. Focusing on self-care plans for relaxation, rejuvenation, and recovery is always her top priority.

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Simone Jaggers

Specialty Areas: Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy

Simone Jaggers, Massage & Craniosacral TherapistSimone came to bodywork through her studies of Peace and Conflict Transformation, realizing that for individuals wanting to create a peaceful existence having peace within is the first step. Often times we are in conflict with ourselves on a physiological level, incurring pain and dysfunction with our everyday movements and postures. However, our bodies are not to blame, they do what it takes to keep us functioning. Sometimes in order to cope with the demands placed on it, our bodies choose the path of least resistance, creating imbalance and pain patterns. Simone understands that our bodies are our primary relationship in life and that supporting them in restoring and unlocking the natural health and intelligence within promotes a peaceful body and helps transfer to a happier life.

Simone has studied different forms of bodywork along her path for peace, taking specialty classes and programs to develop a robust tool kit for that path. She is first and foremost a craniosacral therapist, a therapy though seemingly subtle at first that has the potential to unlock great change and health within the body. She views craniosacral therapy (CST) as supporting the person’s own system to be the magic that it truly is. CST focuses on the membrane system surrounding the brain, the craniosacral fluid within the cranium and the spinal cord as well as the cranial bones, sacrum, joints of the body and much more. Simone has also deeply studied different facial approaches from the Soma Institute, Judith Aston, and Crafted Touch Inc. She has studied nerve mobilization and neuromuscular massage and always loves to give a yummy Swedish massage. All her techniques are approached through a craniosacral lens and incorporate elements of craniosacral. Simone is also certified in mat pilates and is a certified personal trainer focusing on neuromuscular and somatic movements.

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Brookelle O’Riley

Specialty Areas: Massage Therapy, Dynamic Cupping, Gua Sha, MyoFascial Trigger Point, BioEnergetics

Brookelle O'Riley, Licensed Massage Therapist

Brookelle is an intuitive bodyworker who weaves energetic principles into her understanding of the anatomical structure of the body. She has trained in various modalities at Alexander’s School of Natural Therapeutics, True Self Yoga, Morter Institute for BioEnergetics, and is continuing her education of Mindbody Medicine studies at the Evergreen State College. She combines modern science and traditional healing modalities for the deepest healing possible. To give clients a uniquely personalized session, her touch shifts seamlessly between being deep and pinpointed when warranted or soft and fluid when needed. Her goal is to help others achieve personal optimization and general wellbeing through pain management, stress relief, and revitalized energy. Using techniques like Myofascial Trigger Point Release, Cupping, Gua Sha, stretching, deep tissue, Swedish Relaxation Massage and Structural Integration, she works with clients to get to the root cause of symptoms in order to address the issues stored in the body’s tissues and to promote sustained, long term healing.

In her free time, Brookelle is an avid yoga and meditation practitioner who has a deep passion for this earth, loving all things outdoors, she enjoys hiking and biking, and makes time for volunteering to give back to the community. Her mission is to expand her knowledge on bodily healing by pursuing a master’s degree at Bastyr Center for Ayurvedic Medicine, so a substantial amount of time is happily spent with her studies and body centered practices. She hopes to one day be certified to share breathwork, nutrition, and meditation into her practice and currently she happily offers Yoga self care tips and individual Yoga sessions with her training through True Self as a certified Yoga teacher. Brookelle came to this line of work as a result of dealing with her own chronic body pain in the form of scoliosis. After receiving the relief the healing touch that body work can provide, she knew she had to share this work with others. Massage and body work gave her freedom, connection, and purpose that she feels a humble passion about sharing with others.

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