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What if we told you that every emotion you ever experienced, every sensation felt, every memory made … was all stored in your subconscious mind and in your “energy body”, and is accessible to you any time you want? That these stored emotions carry their own unique energy that manifested in your body as illness, pain or blockages to success?

What if we told you that you inherit emotions from your ancestors, like energetic DNA or ancestral memory; that your ancestors almost literally hand you their emotional baggage to carry around?

And what if we told you that we all have the capacity to access the information stored in the subconscious mind and energy body with some highly simple techniques that literally anybody can learn, with some focus and dedication to the practice?

This is exactly our Intuitive Counselors at Intuitive Being do on a daily basis for a myriad of people from all manner of backgrounds and belief systems.

What happens during an Energy Work session?

Sessions with Intuitive Being work on the basic premise of applied kinesiology: The human body is weak when it experiences something that is negative or false (such as a “No” response to a question), and is strong when it experiences something that is positive or true (a “Yes” response to a question). The Intuitive Being team use this binary (yes/no) questioning to seek answers from the subconscious mind and energy body. Sort of like Googling your subconscious.

This process, called Applied Kinesiology or “muscle testing”, is well-established and has been used by physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and psychologists for over 50 years.

This muscle testing technique then blends with a variety of energy therapies, including reiki and qigong, light therapy, sound healing, and electromagnetic energy to stimulate the governing meridian, the core of the central nervous system.  This process can “clear” emotions and energies that have been weighing you down, akin to opening pressure valves that have been building over time.

Just a few of the things you can do with this combination method:

  • Identify and clear “trapped” energies from numerous emotional experiences throughout your life
  • Identify and clear the root energetic causes of physical illness and pain
  • Identify and clear self-limiting belief systems
  • Identify and remove “offensive energies” that are negatively affecting you such as cording from other people, or environmental energies such as electromagnetic radiation
  • Identify and clear trapped energies inherited from ancestors or past lives
  • Identify and clear allergies; to foods, environmental factors, people, concepts, even words
  • Analyze dreams in terms of real astral experiences vs. subconscious imagination
  • Identify effective supplements and their best dosing for you
  • And much, much more

To learn more, please visit Intuitive Being’s web site at, where you can read more detail about the science and technique behind their unique methods, as well as read a variety of testimonials from their clients.

A light on the journey, illuminating the mystery of the fog and opening doors that felt as if they were cemented shut. I will be forever grateful for the work we have done together. In just one session he has facilitated the release of deep, old traumatic thought-forms that have dramatically inhibited my life’s expression.
Deon K., Budtender
Absolutely incredible!! I learned so much about my false belief systems, epigenetic challenges I was trying to overcome as well as other emotional walls that I needed help with clearing. This truly is something amazing and profound. I feel 100% empowered with my new knowledge. I feel lighter, happier and more energized to continue being the best most truest me.
Jennifer W.,
I feel like it organized, and then unleashed a flow of energy that allowed/forced me to take care of some things. This was great, because I had a lot to do!
Brett S., Realtor

Energy Work + Floating

These two therapies are incredibly complimentary. A float following an energy work session can provide you the perfect time and space to process, reflect upon and fully release everything that might come up during a session. And vice versa, a float can be an excellent way of relaxing and priming your body and mind in preparation for some introspective energy work. Experiment with it! See which order produces the most impactful result for you.


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