Somatic Coaching

Megan specializes in supporting people in emotional agility, somatic experiencing and embodiment. Personal agency, sovereignty, integrity, honesty, self-respect & personal empowerment are at the foundation of her work.

She holds a safe, non-judgmental space, and guides you somatically to discover your truth within you. She believes deeply in the truth, “You must feel it to heal it.”

  • Some common areas of life that Megan supports clients with:
  • Recover from people-pleasing, ‘toxic’ relationships
  • Embodying healthy boundaries
  • Processing the emotions of divorce/break-ups
  • Processing the emotions of betrayal & loss
  • Navigating from trauma bonds to conscious relating
  • Getting in touch with one’s intuition & authentic ‘yes’ vs ‘no’
  • Career changes, going back to school & other big transitions
  • Processing/releasing childhood & ancestral trauma
  • Choosing pregnancy or abortion
  • Uncovering & expressing your authentic voice (through writing)

Through this work, you will tap into, and cultivate your sense of self-empowerment, authenticity and truth.

Consistently, her clients leave their sessions feeling lighter, uplifted, clearer, grounded, hopeful, stronger & more empowered.

Previously, she spent 11+ years traveling the world, working with an international hypnotherapy company and has trained with some of the top people in the field of Embodiment. She’s a devotee of Nondual Kashmir Śaivism, teaches Embodied Yoga, Yin & Yoga Nidra, and is also a Certified teacher of the Non-Linear Movement Method®.

When she’s not working with clients or students, Megan can be found writing, drawing, adventuring or relaxing in nature, and welcoming more joy, ease, fulfillment, deep reverence & ridiculous laughter.

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