Cranio Sacral Therapy

Please note that due to the inherent nature of faces being so close together and the risks of covid exposure, we are not currently offering craniosacral therapy. Mandy is still available for energy work and intuitive counseling, as well as for integrative massage.

IMG_1174Rooted in Osteopathic medicine, this technique releases restriction in the structures of the head and spine to optimize circulation of cerebro-spinal fluid, and through this, allow the central nervous system to take care of the body unimpeded. It’s particularly helpful for head injuries, pelvic and lower back pain, headaches, anxiety, and physical and emotional trauma. However, because it works by freeing the body to heal itself, it’s interesting and unpredictable what ends up resolved by cranial work. Cranio-sacral therapy is typically received with clothes on, although it can be integrated into a massage session as well.

You can find out more about Mandy Zabohne, our in-house cranio sacral therapist, in her practitioner bio.


I think this therapy works so well for body mind conditions because it induces the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, or as it is commonly called the ‘rest and digest’ state. This allows the entire body to enter a state of restoration, unlike psychoactive drugs that just dampen the sympathetic response.
Dr. Lisa M. Chavez Naturopathic Researcher & Clinican


“PTSD could be treated with Craniosacral therapy according to a research study.”
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