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The Atlantic: Time Out: The Rise of Sensory Deprivation Tanks

“As it gets harder to live in the moment, without distraction, some swear by a forced shutdown.”

Chicago Tribune: Letting stress float away

“For me, the experience was like Zen meditation: boring at first, then over in what seemed like seconds. Suspended in about two feet of 94-degree water filled with Epsom salt, I didn’t just feel relaxed, I felt like the giant baby at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Men’s Journal: The Modern-Day Float Tank

“The audience has changed, too. Not just aging hippies, Float On’s fans (and founders) are mainly of the new breed: Techies and stressed-out city dwellers seeking to get away from their devices while, perhaps, approaching the theta brainwave state usually only achievable after years of deep meditation practice. Tapping into this half-waking, half-dream state can come with wide-ranging benefits, as claimed by both scientists and devotees.”

“Our recent experience … produced the high of a round of heart-rate-raising yoga followed by the deeply relaxing corpse pose, or savasana – with much less effort (after all, you’re just lying there).”

Can you float your way to creative flow?

“Floating could be helpful if you’re experiencing a creative block, particularly the kind brought on by working too long and trying too hard.”

Float To Your Destiny

Floating Through Grief

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Float Tanks

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Joe Rogan on Float Tank Experiences


Float Tank Scene from “Fringe”


John Lilly, sensory deprivation inventor: Province Of The Mind


David Conneely, Portland Float Conference 2012


Local new coverage of float experiences

Covers personal experiences with use of floatation therapy for pain management and stress relief.

An ABC news reporter experiences floatation therapy for the first time and has a profound recall experience:

Local news coverage of The Float Clinic in Torrence, CA: