Nutritional Therapy Now Available At The Soul Space

Aypril Porter, NTP, Nutrition Therapist, Olympia WAWe’re really happy to announce that Aypril Porter, NTP, will be joining The Soul Space team, starting in December. In addition to all the other modalities we offer – floating, massage, cranio sacral therapy, botanical medicine, energy counseling – we can now offer nutritional counseling and testing.

Aypril is a graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program at Nutritional Therapy Association. She is currently enrolled in the Restorative Wellness Solutions course learning advanced concepts and testing in adrenal health, digestion, food sensitivity, and hormone health. She has worked in healthcare alongside doctors and nurse practitioners, as a Medical Assistant for nearly 10 years before changing career paths, and taking some time off to spend with her children. She believes that quality of life can be changed through diet, and that making even one small change at a time adds up to something big over time. She offers a free 20 min consultation by appointment to see if you would like to consult with her.

Nutritional Therapy in Olympia WANutritional therapy is one on one customized nutrition. No two people are alike. Nutritional therapy honors that by taking a thorough history of your diet and your life, finding a plan that works for you. We are all bio-individuals and should be treated as such. Whether your goal is to have more energy, feel less achy, find better ways of eating, prevent disease, or support your body through an already existing illness or condition, nutritional therapy can help.

You can learn more at or call (360) 339-8905.

We’ll be introducing April at our One Year Anniversary party on December 12th, so come by and get to know her a little.