The Galaxy Room

The Metal Room @ Oly FloatAt 8′ x 5′ with a 7′ high domed ceiling, the Galaxy Room float tank is among the largest in the world, letting you drift away with more spaciousness than you might be used to with other tanks. We custom-built our float rooms to give you more of a “touchless” float experience. You won’t bounce off the sides as much as you do with smaller commercial tanks and will have plenty of space to stretch out and to breathe in a way that completely removes some people’s concerns about claustrophobia.

The Metal Room @ Oly FloatThe domed ceiling provides a constellation of stars for you to gaze into as you drift into your float. They typically fade after after a few minutes, but you can choose to enjoy your entire float out in space if you want to. Outside the tank, a chromatherapy system keeps the ambient lighting in the room nice and mellow as you enjoy some luxury time in the steam shower.



The Metal Room @ Oly FloatSteam Shower

The Galaxy Room has a state-of-the-art steam shower that we know you’re going to love. With three jets to choose from, on-demand steam, two ambient lighting options, integrated music and digitally-monitored temperature, our steam shower provides you with a most excellent ending to your float.  Just don’t spend all your time hanging out in the steam shower and miss out on your float!  It’s quite an attractive feature all by itself.



Integrated Audio

If you’d like to plug in your music (phone, MP3 player, or whatever audio source you may want to use), the float tank has an integrated surround sound speakers built in. With the chamber fully sound-insulated to ensure a silent experience, if you so choose, the atmospheric acoustics with music played in there are incredible.  The audio is controlled by the Oly Float staff at the front desk, who can manage your playlist for you, queue up your entry and exit sounds, put on binaural beats for a theta-inducing float, or manage whatever float audio experience you want!



Constellation Lighting

constellation The Galaxy Room has fiber optic lighting mapped out on its “cathedral” ceiling as star constellations, reinforcing that “floating in space” feeling that you’ll slip into after a short period in the chamber. The stars fade out after you start your float so as not to distract you, and then back in again at the end. (You can also choose to either have them on for the entire duration of your float or off altogether; entirely your choice!).  The outer limits are there if you want them!



Ambient Chromotherapy (or Light Therapy)

chromotherapyThe ambience of the Galaxy Room is driven by integrated chromotherapeutic lighting in both the exterior of the float tank and in the shower system.  Begin or finish your float with a nice shower soak in soothing blue light or activating red; or just enjoy the mellow experience.

Chromotherapy, a scientifically-supported form of healing, is known for myriad healing effects, including wound and injury healing, soothing of joint and muscle pains, skin health, activation of the circulatory and nervous systems, and more. For example, lab studies have clinically connected exposure to red light with faster healing response.

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