Floating For Veterans

Floating for Veterans, Active MilitaryVeterans are among those who benefit the most from the unique combination of benefits that floating and sensory deprivation offer. In combination with other traditional therapies, it can be an incredible tool for unwinding the effects of PTSD and its many co-factors – such as depression and anxiety – in addition to aiding recovery from traumatic brain injuries, concussions and blast-induced neurotrauma. The large transdermal (via skin) exposure of magnesium-rich Epsom salts is also one of the most effective ways of physically de-stressing the body and helping return it to peak performance. There’s even some preliminary evidence suggesting that neurological changes that occur during a float – stimulation of the nucleus accumbens, the dopamine center, with simultaneous de-activation of the medial prefrontal cortex, where (often compulsive) decisions are made – may aid in recovery from addictive behaviors that often follow sufferers of PTSD.

Many vets find the solitude of the float tank environment – specifically, not having to talk to anyone about their experiences – to be a refreshingly different and comfortable space for processing their personal thoughts and memories.

  • Trigger-Free Self Therapy
  • Natural Neurochemistry Production
  • Safe Space For PTSD Processing
  • Effective Concussion & TBI Management
  • Zero Gravity Environment
  • Improved Sleep & Mental Relaxation
  • Increased Serotonin & Dopamine
  • Increased Endorphins for Pain Relief
  • Theta State For “Inception” Experiences
  • SEAL-Endorsed Superlearning Tool
  • No Drugs, Judgements or Psychotherapists
  • Also available: Trauma-Sensitive Body Work

The following video captures what the experience of floating can be like for many veterans, and also contains interviews with veterans and others who use floating to deal with PTSD, TBIs and concussions. There are some representative quick-cuts of combat scenes in the first two minutes; if that is triggering, you can skip forward to 2:40 for interviews with veterans.

21200904_10155171608998533_6273878613193769893_o15% Military Discount

The active and retired military/veteran community is one that Oly Float really loves to serve.  Veterans are in the “sweet spot” of beneficial gain from floating, and are often highly underserved by the existing institutions available to them, or the traditional solutions that are made available (typically pharmacology and psychotherapy) just don’t work for them.   We also realize that veterans often find themselves in a lower economic bracket due the physical and psychological issues afflicting their transition back into civilian life.

We want to make floating, as a tool, as accessible as possible, and so we offer a 15% discount on floats.  This applies to not just single floats, but also to our already heavily-discounted packages and memberships.  With the military discount, the price of floats can get down to as low as $37.50 per float.

Veterans Float Fund – Pay It Forward Program

In addition to the 15% discount we offer as an incentive to try out floating, we also actively encourage our other clients to donate floats to our Veterans Float Fund, so that vets who cannot afford to float even at the discount rates can still have an opportunity to experience floating.

Learn More About The Veterans Float Fund

Podcast: How Navy SEALs Use Float Tanks To Treat Concussions

Learn how the Navy SEALs are using float tanks for recovery, improved sleep, to rewire the brain, accelerate learning, and treat concussions:

Floating was the first day I had ever had silence since I joined the military January of 2001. I went in with a permanently triggered state of PTSD. Chemically at least. I had control of my emotions and such but it was always active but I kept it from controlling me with meditation. Lots and lots of meditation. When I went and floated at Oly Float that was the first time I was able to fully relax. I was finally able to flip that switch to the off position. That day changed my life. I will always be thankful to Oly Float for the amazing experience.
Sam Bailey

Zero Gravity Therapy For Vets – Facebook Group

Zero Gravity Therapy For VetsZero Gravity Therapy For Veterans is a private community of Veterans who are either currently using Floatation Therapy (or Zero Gravity Therapy) or are investigating use of float tanks to help them cope with many of the issues that are either unique or most prevalent in the vet community. This group was created and is administered by veterans who now own and operate float centers, but is primarily driven by vets who simply have discovered the often life-changing benefits that float tanks can offer. It is a safe, grounded and experienced container to ask questions and share stories about floating and sensory deprivation.

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Military1.com: A New Method In PTSD Treatment

45391Military1 interviewed our friends at Float Brothers in Destin, FL, a veteran-owned float center, on how floating is working so effectively as an adjunctive therapy for PTSD.

Retired Chief Master Sgt. Michael A. Roberts: “Float therapy is far superior to other traditional routes, [such as] varying types of drug regiments—one way or another they just temporarily overpower your brain and cause some form of blurred reality—and explaining your situation over and over again to multiple specialists as each one gets to know you and your situation, which caused me recurring internal anxiety and agitation.  I’ve tried them all.  When I’m in the float pod the absolute serenity and calmness is entirely therapeutic.”

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