Our prices vary depending on how often you want to float (or massage, or sauna) and how you want to buy your sessions.  Float prices range from as low as $50 up to $75. Body work services are $90 per hour. Sliding scale and donation-basis is available for Intuitive Counseling and Energy Work.

We offer a variety of options to enable you to make the best commitment to your own relaxation and healing at a price that suits your budget. The best prices on our services are found with either a monthly membership or a series of sessions.

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Membership To Oly Float & The Soul Space

woman-floating2Sign up for monthly Float, Massage or Sauna membership and save 25% off regular prices!

Member benefits include:

  • The lowest per session pricing
  • Share your membership with friends or family
  • Additional member session pricing at same reduced rates
  • One free 30 minute Infrared Sauna session per month
  • Give your member sessions to others as gifts; great for a last-minute gift
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time after 30 days; super flexible!
  • A solid commitment to your own self-care practice

Regular Prices

Single Float – $75

Enjoy 90 minutes to fully explore “nothing”.  That’s a full 90 minutes in the float, plus time for showers.  If this is your first time floating, we’ll take you through a quick orientation to help guide you through your first float and make it an experience you’ll want to do again.

Double Float – $120

For the experienced floater for whom 90 minutes of blissful nothingness just isn’t enough, we offer a back-to-back float session that provides a full 3.5 hours of floating.  The benefits of longer floats can compound significantly; many clients with fibromyalgia, for example, will float two sessions back to back because they’re found it alleviates their symptoms for much longer than a single float.

Massage – $90-$160

The cost of sessions with our amazing team of massage therapists depends upon the session length:

60 Minute Massage: $90
90 Minute Massage: $130
Two Hour Massage: $160

With a Massage Membership, prices are $70-$75 for a one hour session, with 30 minute upgrades for just $35.

Infrared Sauna – $20-$35

30 Minute Infrared Sauna Sessions: $20
Bring a guest for an additional $10

Intuitive Counseling & Energy Work – $85-$150

Intuitive Counseling & Energy Work sessions also broadly follow massage rates, but sliding scale is available for sessions with Mandy and sessions with Dan are always on a donation basis.

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Float Packages

The 3 Float Intro Series: $150! – One Person Only

Save 33%!  Includes a first-time float with full orientation, plus two regular floats. This is the best way to discover the full benefits of floating. For many people, it takes three floats to learn how to fully surrender to the environment. The third float is typically when the really good stuff starts to happen.

Note: The Intro Series can only be used by one person. The whole point is for a single person to discover the full benefits of floating. We’re willing to essentially give you a free float for you to make that discovery. Also, all three floats in this series have to be used within 60 days, so you don’t lose your progress with floating with too much time between floats.

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18121427_10154796858443533_95376109424524589_o (1)The 3 Float Series: $199 – Shareable

Save $25!  Our 3 float package gives you three 90 minute float sessions, or you can combine them for a longer, back-to-back session in the tank. Your float package never expires, and can be used anytime.  You can also share this series with friends and family, or give them away as gifts.

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The 10 Float $550 SPECIAL! – Shareable

Save $200!  Our 10 float series gives you ten 90 minute float sessions, or you can combine them for a longer, back-to-back sessions.  This series is a great commitment to your own health and relaxation.  Your float package never expires, and can be used anytime.  You can also give them away as gifts, if you’d like.
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Massage Packages

Float and Massage: $150

Enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation: 90 minutes of sensory relief in zero gravity and 60 minutes of massage.  You won’t believe how relaxed your body and mind will feel after just a few hours here at The Soul Space.
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Three 60 Minute Massages: $250

Save 10% on regular pricing for a series of one hour massage sessions.
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Three 90 Minute Massages: $360

Save 10% on regular pricing for a series of 90 minute massage sessions.
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Sauna Packages

mPulse Infrared SaunaThe 10 Sauna Session $150 SPECIAL! – Shareable

Save $50.  Our 10 sauna sessions package gives you ten 30 minute sessions in our Infrared Sauna Room, The Dojo.  That gives you time for a full 30 minute sauna session, plus time for showers. You can also use two back to back for longer sessions, if you want to. (Note that anything longer than 30 minutes is not recommended if you’re working on a medical detoxification.)  Your sauna package never expires, and can be used anytime.  You can also use your sessions to bring a friend, or give them away as gifts, if you’d like.

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Give the Gift of Floatation Therapy

photo (10)A gift certificate for floatation therapy with Oly Float, or any of the services available at The Soul Space, is a true gift of care. Perfect for the person who already has every thing they need, expect perhaps peace, a Soul Space gift certificate is unique, surprising and ultimately the gift that keeps on giving.
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Public Service Discount

We proudly offer 15% off for teachers, firefighters, first responders, military, and medical professionals, so be sure to ask about our public service discount.  Our intention with this discount is to help those in vocations with the highest levels of stress and personal risk – with often some of the lowest compensation – have access to a therapy that resets stress, cortisol & adrenaline production, and insomnia, at the lowest price possible. These groups also often have the highest rates of personal injury, traumatic brain injuries and concussions, which floating can be incredible therapy for.

Our public servants clients get our lowest available prices.  The 15% discount is available on our regular prices as well as on on our already-discounted membership plans and packages.

Certainly there are many other forms of public servants doing amazing work in our community, and we all deserve rest and relaxation.  We are always interested in talking to individual organizations about providing them with discounted rates for their employees/members.  Just drop us an email at with the name of an appropriate contact person to discuss a group discount.