Book A Massage With Mandy


Integrative Massage

Mandy is available for a limited number of Integrative Massage sessions each week.  An Integrative Massage session includes body work and intuitive energy healing.   30, 60 and 90 minute sessions are available.

Online scheduling is currently not available for Integrative Massage sessions with Mandy due to limited availability. To schedule an Integrative Massage session, please text or call Mandy at (360) 528-9648 or email


Cranio Sacral Therapy & Energy Healing

To schedule a Cranio Sacral Therapy & Energy Healing session with Mandy, please click below.  30, 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions are available. Alternatively, you can text or call her at (360) 528-9648 or email




Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing

Intuitive counseling and energy work sessions use applied kinesiology and intuition to identify the roots of energetic imbalances, illness, and unhappiness. We reflect on these causes together, and then a variety of healing modalities – including reiki, qigong, sound healing, electromagnetic stimulation and light therapy – are used to clear and correct your energy field, bringing the conscious, subconscious and energy bodies back into alignment. Learn more at Sliding scale pricing of $40-$100 per hour, $70 is suggested. Additional times may be available.  Click below to schedule online, or you can text/call Mandy at (360) 528-9648 or email