Oly Float Interviewed For The Olympian

“A chance to float on warm salt water”

1,000 pounds of salt in 11 inches of water creates therapeutic environment at new business Oly Float

January 21, 2014

Mike Redman demonstrates the Metal Room float chamber at Oly Float

Oly Float co-owner Mike Redman opens the float tank chamber entry door for clients Jan. 19th STEVE BLOOM; STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Imagine floating on your back in warm water, your mind and body at ease. Perhaps there’s some modest audio and visual stimulation as well, sending you into a deeply meditative state that lasts an hour or 90 minutes. When your float is complete, you feel refreshed, as if that one hour were as soothing as a four-hour nap.

That’s the experience that awaits at Oly Float, a new health care business on east Fourth Avenue that offers a sensory deprivation tank, except that it’s not quite a tank, but more like an oversized, enclosed shower space with a bathtub.

Co-owner Mike Redman, who has operated a float tank with business partner Cj Russo for about 18 months, calls it a “float cabin.”

The two men met at the Westside Wellness Center in Olympia and operated a float tank there before bringing one to the new location at 1714 Fourth Ave. E., not far down the hill from Ralph’s Thriftway. Oly Float is the headlining business at the spot called “Soul Space,” but there are several other health care practitioners in the building who offer services that complement Oly Float.

Redman and Russo are using the therapeutic qualities of the float tank to target those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized pain caused by fibromyalgia, or those wanting to simply address stress, tension or exhaustion.

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