Massage Membership

Commit to yourself.  Commit to your body.  Commit to your health.

A consistent massage routine is an incredible way of taking care of both body and mind.  The benefits of massage compound with regularity, and our world class massage therapists, with decades of cumulative experience, are here to take excellent care of you.   See our Massage Services & Practitioners page for more details.

Our massage memberships – like our float memberships – are designed with flexibility in mind.  There’s no catches, no long term commitments.  Just an invitation to commit to your self, with reduced pricing as a result of that commitment.

Monthly Massage Membership:

2 Massage Membership:
$170/mo ($85/session)

4 Massage Membership:
$320/mo ($80/session)

Upgrade to 90 Minute Sessions:
Just $45


How Massage Membership Works

Sessions Roll Over

  • Unused sessions accrue and roll over to the next month
  • Massage sessions never expire while membership is active
  • If you need to suspend or cancel your membership, your session can be used, or gifted, for up to 90 days

Free Infrared Sauna Session

  • Free monthly sauna session with all 2+ Massage Plans
  • Complimentary sauna sessions expire if not used each month

Share With Friends & Family

  • All memberships are fully shareable with however many friends or family members you want
  • Share the sessions, and share the cost, making it cheaper for everyone

Give Your Massages As Gifts

  • You can give your member sessions to others as a gift
  • We’ll even write up a nice gift-worthy certificate for them

Super Flexible

  • You can upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel your membership any time!
  • Month to month commitment only; no long term agreement, no catches

Add One-Off Sessions Whenever You Want To

  • You can add extra massage sessions to your membership at any time each month
  • You can add sessions for the same price as your membership rate

Give the Gift of Soul Space

photo (10)Gift Certificates are available floats, packages of floats, massage, infrared sauna, cranio sacral therapy, intuitive counseling with energy work, or combinations of services.

We can write up a gift certificate for whatever you want. If the option you want isn’t listed, just give us a call at (360) 972-3031 to discuss what you need.

You can use your membership floats to give gift certificates to friends, family and co-workers.  Great for those last-minute wins!