Float Membership

18156384_10154322487705443_3541034631727988103_oA Float Membership is your commitment to self-care, stress management and healing, and your best path to:

  • better sleep
  • quicker recovery
  • fewer aches & pains
  • reduced anxiety
  • reduced stress
  • improved mood
  • and increased mental wellness

The benefits grow exponentially when you have a regular float practice, just like yoga or meditation improves with practice. In particular, training your brain to normalize at a more relaxed level, and to produce higher sustained levels of endorphins, and decreased levels of corticosteroids and cortisol (“fight or flight” stress chemicals).

A Float Membership is the cheapest way of ensuring your regular spot
in our float tanks, offering discounts of up to 27% off the regular prices.



Regular Monthly Membership

One 90 Minute Float

Plan Cost: $70
Savings: 13% Off

Add however many more floats you want for just $70 each


Additional Plans Available For Deeper Savings:

All 2+ Plans Include Free Monthly Infrared Sauna Session

2 Float Membership:
Plan Cost: $140/mo
Per Session Cost:  $70/float
Savings: 13%

4 Float Membership:
Plan Cost: $260/mo
Per Session Cost:  $65/float
Savings: 20%

8 Float Membership:
Plan Cost: $499/mo
Per Session Cost: $62/float
Savings: 27%


How Float Membership Works

Floats Roll Over

  • Unused floats accrue and roll over to the next month
  • Floats never expire while membership is active
  • If you need to suspend or cancel your membership, your floats can be used for up to 90 days

Free Infrared Sauna Session

  • Free monthly sauna session with all 2+ Float Plans
  • Complimentary sauna sessions expire if not used each month


Share With Friends & Family

  • All memberships are fully shareable with friends or family
  • Share the membership, and share the cost, making it cheaper for everyone

Give Your Floats As Gifts

  • You can give your member floats to others as a gift
  • We’ll even write up a nicy gift-worthy certificate for them

Super Flexible

  • You can upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel your membership any time!
  • Month to month commitment only; no long term agreement, no catches

Add One-Off Floats Whenever You Want To

  • You can add extra floats to your membership at any time each month
  • You can add floats for the same price as your membership rate


Float Membership Details

  • By signing up for a Float Membership, you are authorizing Oly Float to regularly schedule charges to your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card
  • All float sessions are 90 minutes each, plus time for entry and exit showers.
  • Members can purchase unlimited additional floats at any time for the base per-float price of their membership level
  • Member floats can be given away as gifts
  • You can freeze or cancel your membership at any time
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about Float Club memberships


Give the Gift of Soul Space

photo (10)Gift Certificates are available for 60 or 90 minute floats, packages of floats, massage, cranio sacral therapy, intuitive counseling with energy work, or combinations of services:

We can write up a gift certificate for whatever you want. If the option you want isn’t listed, just give us a call at (360) 972-3031 to discuss what you need.

Float Members:  You can use your membership floats to give gift certificates to friends, family and co-workers.  Great for those last-minute wins!