HuffPost: Losing Our Mind And Finding Our Self

As the great Zen teacher Alan Watts said: “We all need to go out of our minds at least once a day. When we go out of our minds we quickly come to our senses.”

Have you ever wondered how extraordinary the mind is? How it can reach from the sublime heights of intellectual ecstasy to the depths of suicidal despair, from piercing clarity to confused schizophrenia? This same mind that longs for that sumptuous chocolate cake or that stunning dress or shirt, then afterward may wonder why we ate something so rich, or let the clothing go unworn in the closet and feels guilty that we bought it in the first place.

This mind is capable of understanding the most intricate scientific and mathematical theories and can make complicated corporate decisions, yet the same mind can get caught up in trivia and nonsense, becoming upset or even unglued over a seemingly-harmless remark. It runs our lives, pushing us from attraction to repulsion and creating endless dramas that act out our insecurities and fears.