Himalayan Salt Lamps

Our Himalayan Salt Lamp Gallery

The Himalayan Salt Lamp gallery at The Soul Space features a variety of different lamp sizes and shapes. We have various sizes of the “natural” lamps, as well as specialty carved lamps: pyramids, globes, eggs, bowls and teardrops.


Why use a salt lamp?

When heated, himalayan salt lamps emit low levels of negative ions, which are also emitted by various forces of nature, such as waterfalls and lightning (on a much greater scale).  These help off-set the positive ions that are emitted by electronic devices, which are thought to be damaging to human health.

Aside from their ions, though, they simply create an ambiance that is immediately relaxing, similar to a room lit by a fireplace or candlelight.  When we feel like our environment is relaxing, welcoming and safe, we experience a biochemical reaction to that environment: our “fight of flight” stress chemicals, cortisol and adrenaline, drop.  So while the ion emission may be relatively low, the psychological and physiological impact of a room lit with salt lamps is clear.

How do I buy salt lamps from Oly Float?

Due to their weight, we don’t ship our salt lamps.  Some of them weigh over 100 lbs! So come on in to The Soul Space and check them out in person, bask in their glow with a complimentary cup of tea, and mull which one calls to you the most.

How much are they?

Our lamps are a range of different prices.  Our small lamps – mini natural cut lamps, candle holders, night lights – are $10-$20.  Our shaped lamps – globes, pyramids, teardrops, and more – range from $30-$70.  And we have much larger natural cut lamps that run from $75 to $225, for those who want the real salt boulders lighting up their homes.