Give them NOTHING! Christmas Specials from Oly Float

Give your loved ones the ultimate gift of relaxation this Christmas – 90 minutes of absolutely nothing – with our special $50 float offer.

$50 Floats in December
Use Special Code XMAS15-FLOATFOR50 when booking a float or purchasing a gift certificate to pick up a 90 minute float for just $50.  Offer applies in December only.


Buy A $50 Float Gift Now  


We also just got in a fresh shipment of himalayan salt lamps, so we are stocked up for all your Christmas shopping.  A great unique gift for that person who seems to have everything but a state of peace.  Himalayan salt lamps help create a relaxed atmosphere by emitting negative ions into the atmosphere around them when heated (just as many other natural forces do, like waterfalls and rivers).

Prices range from $22-$44 for the desktop/mantle sizes.  We also have much larger salt lamps for sale, if you want to go big.  Come on in and check out our selection, or just sit and bask in the glow of them while you enjoy a cup of tea.

In addition to our range of salt lamps, we also carry:

  • Color Therapy Glasses ($15)
  • Miracle Frooties ($15)
  • Stamets’ Host Defense Mushroom Medicines ($19.95)
  • Natural Stacks MagTech Magnesium ($28.95)
  • Natural Stacks Protein Powders ($39.95)
  • Blissful Life Chakra Spritzers ($10)
  • Cobb’s Peanut & Sunbather Cups ($2.75)

Stop in to pick up some stocking stuffers for the health-oriented person in your life.

Float & Salt Lamp Gift Packages

Float + Salt Lamp: $77
Pick up a float gift certificate for that special someone, and also get an ionizing salt lamp for something more physical to give them.  It’s doubling-down on the relaxation.

Float + Massage + Salt Lamp: $130
The trifecta! 90 minute float, a 60 minute massage, and a salt lamp.  Your loved one will be relaxed as a wet noodle after our most popular combination of services, with a salt lamp to extend the environmental relaxation and purification.

Give us a call at (360) 972-3031 or drop by The
Soul Space to pick up your salt lamp package.

Float Gift Packages

10-Float Package: $350
Take care of your entire crew with our lowest package pricing on floats: just $35 per float, almost 50% off regular prices.

3-Float Package: $150
Getting to float three times is the best way of getting to the sweet spot of that “post-float glow”.  Buy your loved one who’s interested in floating all three with a $30 discount off the regular individual float price.

You can Buy Float Packages online or give us a call at (360) 972-3031.  We’re happy to write up gift certificates for each float for you.  (Note that the 3-Float Package is for one person only and cannot be broken up into individual floats, like the 10-Float Package can.)

Infrared Sauna Gift Package

10-Sauna Package: $99
Give the gift of warm bones.  Nothing gets deep down and heats the body from the inside out like infrared heat.  Not only is it a great escape for the cold damp we here in the Northwest endure, but it’s detoxifying too.  You can read more about our Infrared Sauna here.

Pick up our 10-Session Infrared Sauna Package online or call us at (360) 972-3031.  If you would like a gift certificate, we’re happy to write one up for your package.



We’re pleased to introduce our newest Float Club Membership option: Float Club Unlimited!  Just $199 per month. The Float Club Unlimited membership is for those who want to make a solid commitment to their own relaxation and healing, but don’t want the hassle of keeping track of float balances, or losing accrued floats due to expiration.

  • Float whenever you want, every day if you want to
  • Enjoy the lowest per-float price
  • Free monthly Infrared Sauna session
  • Requires a 12-month commitment
  • Commitment is secured with first and last month member dues
  • Get a free month when you pre-pay for the whole year

We are only offering a limited number of these memberships, so jump on it now if you’re interested!  Purchase your Unlimited Membership online or stop by The Soul Space to sign up.

Consider picking up an Unlimited Membership with your Health Savings Account, if you have one!  Though floating sits in a slightly grey area with insurance companies, many floaters successfully use their HSA to pay for their floats.

Holiday Hours

We’ll be taking a few days off around the holidays.  We’ll be closed on the following days:

  • December 24th
  • December 25th
  • January 1st

We’ll be open New Year’s Eve, but closing a little early at 6pm.

We wish you all very happy holiday season, however you choose to celebrate it.  We all here at Oly Float and The Soul Space appreciate each and every one of you.