Floating In Sound

Did you know that you can float to the sound of whales? Or tibetan singing bowls? Or the rhythm of Planet Earth (7.83hz)? To sounds that help you sleep, or focus, or feel spiritual connection? Or a myriad of other neurocognitive influences?

The goal of floating at Oly Float isn’t *necessarily* full sensory deprivation; the real goal is inducing a Theta brainwave state. And that can be influenced by specific sounds pulsating through the water just as much as silent focus and meditation. Our custom in-line submarine speakers vibrate the water with the frequencies of the music, leaving you literally floating in sound.

We tend to have some standard soundtracks with binaural beats that we use in floats, but you can always ask us to put on whatever soundtrack you want, depending on whether you want to be relaxed, or energized; whether you want to heal, or transcend.

Check out growing collection of float soundtracks on our Oly Float YouTube channel for ideas, or just ask us to play whatever you want from YouTube. Alternatively, you can always plug in your own phone/music player to play whatever you have synced to your own devices.