Floating, Farming and Veterans

One of the things that makes our jobs really interesting at Oly Float is the wide range of people that come in to float with us.  We have ER doctors and yoga instructors, firefighters and meditation teachers, athletes and police officers.  A group we are particularly proud to serve are our veterans, many of whom are returning from service with a legacy of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and Traumatic Brain Injuries from their time out in the field.   Floatation Therapy, along with many of the services we offer at The Soul Space, can be incredibly beneficial for anybody struggling with PTSD and TBIs.

As a very small way of giving back, we offer a 25% discount to all service men and women. (As well as to firefighters and medical practitioners.)

We are also proud to be sponsors of an upcoming event at The Capitol Theater that is organized by GRuB: “Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields”.  The main event will be a screening of this documentary, which highlights the transition of returning combat veterans into careers in sustainable agriculture, from fighters to farmers.  There will also be a discussion panel after the documentary to discuss the topic of veterans in sustainable agriculture and local resources that are available to support this effort and veterans in general.

We hope to see you there!


Tickets will be available at Oly Float, as well as from all the sponsor locations, and The Capitol Theater box office soon.  And of course they’ll be available at the Capitol Theater box office on the night of the event on March 26th.  Doors open at 6.  Tickets are $9, $8 for OFS members, but please consider giving a little extra for the good cause.