Crystal Bowl New Moon Chakra Alignment Meditation


Toned Crystal Bowl Guided 40-minute Meditation

Friday June 27, 8pm @ Oly Float

Toning by Victoria Bitar

VZBDuring the meditation crystal bowls are “toned” to create pure tone vibrations that beneficially affect the crystalline structures of the body. The human body, composed of millions of crystals, resonates with the vibrating pure tones on an energetic and cellular level. The spine, along which the chakra energetic centers are located, is a powerful sound vibration resonator. Pure tone enters the human energetic system and travels alone nerves and pathways of the spine to organs, tissue and cells affecting circulation, metabolism, the endocrine and chakra system, cleansing the auric field and balances the hemispheres of the brain. The new moon alignment allows for the most potential for alignment with our Higher Self.

The accommodations for the meditation are floor sitting or lying, according to space. Please bring a cushion, pillow, or blanket to make your self comfortable.