COVID-19 Protocols: Keeping You, Us & Our Community Safe

Safety – for you, our team and our broader community – is always our #1 priority.  Some of the elements of our usual relaxed vibe will simply have to take a back seat to safety priorities for a little while. It’s critical to us that you feel relaxed when you’re visiting us, and a key piece of that is feeling safe. Please know that with the protocols we have in place, and with the low numbers of people we have on site at any given time, visiting us is massively safer than going to the grocery store.

As such, here is what we’re doing, and what we require of our customers, in the new – hopefully temporary – era of COVID-19 to ensure that sense of safety and relaxation: 

Entrance to the Building

* Please only come in at the exact time of your appointment.  Don’t arrive early. The door may be locked prior to your arrival time or you may be asked to wait outside until your appointment time.  Seating on our front deck will likely be available while you wait.  This is, of course, the complete opposite of what we usually enjoy and encourage (hanging out in the space as much as you want to), but here we are.
* Hand sanitizer will be available at the front door; we ask that you sanitize your hands for 20 seconds before entering. 
* We’ll be taking all guests’ temperatures upon arrival and asking anyone with a temp of 100F or more to stay home.  
* Everybody will be asked to sign a statement with every single visit that they don’t currently have any symptoms of COVID-19.  This is mostly to serve as a reminder to check in with your body. Nobody will be charged for service if they realize at this point that they have symptoms and need to reschedule. 
* If you’re visiting us for the first time, we’ll conduct your orientation/intake outside on the front deck, weather-permitting, to minimize breath transmission indoors.

Lobby & Common Areas

* A mask / face covering is required at all times while in common spaces (including by our staff).  This is state law.  We will not debate the issue with anyone.  There are no exceptions for any reason. Refusal to wear a mask will result in refusal of service and a charge for your used appointment time.   We will not tolerate our team – some of whom are pregnant or live with immune-compromised individuals – being exposed to either harassment or viral contamination. If you are not happy with this, we are more than happy for you to take your business elsewhere.
* Social distancing will be prompted by staff if it’s not already happening.  It’s a large space for two people entering at the same time, so it should be easy. 
* All high-touch surfaces will be sanitized (door handles, light switches, faucets) while you’re in session
* Self-service complimentary tea and water service has been suspended for now, but a team member will be happy to provide tea or water for you on request.
* We’ve removed couches and the back lounge will be closed for now
Retail products will be available only behind the front desk for now
The Consciousness Library has been removed temporarily

Float Rooms & Infrared Sauna

Between every single float:
* Our usual protocol of 100% tank draining/cycling and UV filtration will take care of any pathogens in the float tank solution, which is already incredibly inhospitable to pathogens due to the high salt content
* The entire interior surface of the floats tanks will be fully sterilized with a sanitizing spray that has a <1 minute kill time.
* The entire float room and the interior space of the float tanks will then be flooded with UV-C (ultraviolet light) and Ozone, also both known to effectively kill coronavirus.
* The float tank and room will be fully aired out prior to use and there will be minimal remaining odor.
* All high-touch surfaces will be sanitized between floats
* Float supplies (q-tips, ear plugs and vaseline) will be individually wrapped.   (We hate all the plastic too, but it was either this or just not offer them at all.). All unused supplies will be removed and sanitized with UV-C between floats.
* Towels and robes will be washed on a high heat setting after every single use, as usual.  If you’re not confident in this, we invite you to bring your own towel with you.  We ask that you only bring a clean towel direct from your dryer, not one that’s already been in your bathroom.  

Massage Rooms

* Your massage room will be fully sanitized with UV-C light and ozone, and high-touch surfaces fully sanitized, prior to your arrival.
* You’ll be asked to wear your mask into the massage room and be invited to remove it only when your practitioner has exited the room. Your massage table’s face cradle will be draped with a cover to serve as a mask-like enclosure during your massage. You’ll be asked by your massage therapist to put your mask back on when you turn over.
* Your massage therapist will be wearing a mask with a visor for the entirety of your session. When asked to turn over, you’ll be asked to wear a comfortable pair of safety glasses, per state protocol.
* Please do not remove your mask until your massage therapist has left the room.

We trust that you understand and respect the need for all these conservative measures.  We want to do our part in ridding us of this viral predator, and we’re willing to compromise on our usual relaxed vibe to contribute towards that.   We ask that you be a partner with us in that by doing your part to follow all these new requirements.

If we all get in the flow with these processes, there’s no reason we can’t all have a relaxing time. 🙂