The Forest Room

With an entry through a luxurious, rock-tiled shower adorned with locally sourced live edge maple and douglas fir accents, The Forest Room is a float room experience unlike any other. Lush plants hang down around you and gentle forest sounds can be heard as you step into one of the largest styles of float tanks available. At 8′ by 5′, you’ll drift away with more spaciousness than you might be used to with other tanks. An integrated chromatherapy system and built-in speakers mean you can float with lights on and music playing, if you so choose. Those with claustrophobia concerns can skip the full sensory deprivation experience and simply float away in blissful microgravity with their favourite soundscape.



The Wood Room @ Oly FloatFloating With Claustrophobia

The Forest Room features in an in-tank lighting system that enables people who suffer from claustrophobia to enjoy the physical benefits of floating without the sensory deprivation experience.  The water in the tank lights up with either a soothing red glow or a cyclical rhythm of alternating colors.  No more worrying about being trapped in the dark!   Who says you can’t have your cake (or float) and eat it too?


Healing with Chromotherapeutics (or Light Therapy)

chromotherapyThe in-tank chromotherapy (or light therapy) option built into the Forest Room tank enables you to literally soak in the healing vibrational energy of myriad different colors.  Chromotherapy, a scientifically-supported form of healing,  is known for myriad healing effects, including wound and injury healing, soothing of joint and muscle pains, skin health, activation of the circulatory and nervous systems, and more.   Lab studies have connected exposure to red light with faster healing response.  So why not float in 250 gallons of healing waters infused with near-infrared and other healing frequencies?


Integrated Audio

If you’d like to plug in your music (phone, MP3 player, or whatever audio source you may want to use), the float cabin has an integrated surround sound speakers built in. With the cabin fully sound-insulated to ensure a silent experience, if you so choose, the atmospheric acoustics with music played in there are incredible.  The audio is controlled by the Oly Float staff at the front desk, who can manage your playlist for you, queue up your entry and exit sounds, put on binaural beats for a theta-inducing float, or manage whatever float audio experience you want!



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