We pride ourselves on our clients’ experiences and on our client relationships. We thrive on the human connections we make every day and on how we help people connect with themselves. Nowhere can you see this more than in the reviews we get every day. We could tell you about the benefits of floating all day long, but there’s nothing like a little third party perspective. Or, a lot of third party perspective. Below you can see a live feed of reviews from Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor.

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Highlighted Reviews:


“Oly Float is such a treat for my body, mind, and soul. The whole experience is centering and restorative.”
Kendra S.

“I have never in my life been so relaxed. I can’t find the words to do it justice. I will be back and be recommending it to everyone I know.”
Amy W.

“A place for your entire being to be seen and nurtured. The energy that radiates from every inch of Oly Float relaxes you instantly as you walk into the light blue door.”
Shyanne S.


Real-Time Reviews:

K B. Avatar

5 star rating
We love Oly Floats for sauna time. It's clean, staff is pleasant. We always have an over all relaxing relaxing experience. We have to try floating next 🙂

K B. 8/23/2019

Shane F. Avatar

5 star rating
My neck and shoulders were torn up from stress and fatigue Oly not only created a professional and relaxing environment but improved my quality of life. I will be back shortly thank you

Shane F. 8/20/2019

Bkim777 Avatar

5 star rating
Great Experience every time! I’ve gad cranial sacral done twice and I got to float a few weeks ago. This is a great place with really kind people and I love how calm and peaceful it is!

Bkim777 8/13/2019

JerushaS8 Avatar

5 star rating
Sauna Each time I’ve gone, I’ve had an excellent experience. Everyone I’ve encountered who works there have been very kind.

JerushaS8 6/10/2019

H M. Avatar

5 star rating
Oly Float is super clean and everyone that works here is so nice. I always feel welcomed and at home!

Recently, I brought my mom with me to float as a birthday gift for her and she loved it! Floating was the perfect way to relax before we headed on to dinner with wine in downtown Oly.

Oly Float is a little slice of heaven in a stressful, busy world. We're fortunate to have such a gem r…
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H M. 5/05/2019

Niki B Avatar

5 star rating
I love Oly Float. This space is so calm, inviting, and warm. I like floating in the "metal" room, myself. For me, an hour long float is more relaxing than anything else I’ve tried. Thanks for this oasis.

Niki B 4/15/2019

Amber Arnold Avatar

I recommend giving it a try. That being said, it wasn’t for me. I just did my first float this morning and did not enjoy. I was cold, goose bumps the whole time, so cold my joints hurt and I ended up getting out after about 45 minutes of a 90 minute float. The Staff recommended a cold shower to begin so that the float water would feel warmer, I did this but it just wasn’t enough. I enjoyed most ev… read more

Amber Arnold 2/18/2019

Jill Jaghoori Avatar

I feel so good when I leave here!

Jill Jaghoori 2/14/2019

Christopher Gerber Avatar

New Moon Float! To the void and back. Massive muscle tension drawn out of my body, and my mind gave me license to invoke.

Christopher Gerber 2/05/2019

Leanos Stacie Avatar

Such an amazing experience. Can’t wait for the next few days to assess my body and the way it’s feeling.

Leanos Stacie 1/27/2019

Kristy King Avatar

This was my first time doing a float (ever) or a massage at OlyFloat. I. AM. IN. LOVE. Walking in the whole place is so peaceful and relaxing, and the staff was so helpful. The float is hard to describe, but I have nothing negative to say about it and I can’t wait to try it again. My massage was so soothing and the masseuse was so friendly. Five stars all around.

Kristy King 1/21/2019

Kim Vaughn Avatar

Amazing. You HAVE to go float more than once though to understand. I experienced visuals and a sense of well-being and universal awareness that words cannot describe. Physically, it feels pretty good too!

Kim Vaughn 1/19/2019

Meaghan T. Avatar

5 star rating
Extremely relaxing, calming and peaceful environment as soon as you walk in the door. I was greeted with a warm and friendly smile from Jess and a transforming energy healing and cranio sacral therapy before enjoying a soak in the metal room. I opted for the music and dim starlit ceiling, although to be honest I couldn't see the stars.  The float chamber is pitch black abd has a very warm damp… read more

Meaghan T. 1/17/2019

David K. Avatar

5 star rating
I really appreciate the softness upon entering Oly Float. Coming in from the cold and traffic, you begin to feel a difference when you open the door. The staff are awesome and actually care about your experience. The float rooms are entirely different from each other, but offer the same great session. If you've never tried or are looking for a new place check out Oly Float.

David K. 1/15/2019

Sandy Roberts Avatar

Great atmosphere!! Great staff!! So relaxing!!!

Sandy Roberts 1/07/2019

Bruce Sheehan Avatar

Just wow. Not the same person as when I walked in. Awesome “trip” will do it again for sure. Quite the experience.

Bruce Sheehan 12/29/2018

Brian Cossette Avatar

I tried the floatation therapy for the first time last night and I have to say that there is nothing like it. I’ve practiced meditation for years, but lying in a highly concentrated epsom salt bath seemed to allow my body to become so relaxed that I was able to reach a state of bliss with ease.

Brian Cossette 12/08/2018

Blayne L. Avatar

5 star rating
Oly Float is a clean quiet place to enjoy the float experience.  The staff is comfortable and helpful and the atmosphere is good.  I can't wait to go back.

Blayne L. 11/26/2018

Syrinda Sharpe Avatar

Beautiful Clean space. Knowledgeable staff. Did the infrared sauna for the first time. If I lived in the area they would be a regular booking for my self-care

Syrinda Sharpe 11/24/2018

Josh Kloempken Avatar

Very nice relaxing experience, and wonderful staff as well. I’d recommend for anyone.

Josh Kloempken 11/13/2018