We pride ourselves on our clients’ experiences and on our client relationships. We thrive on the human connections we make every day and on how we help people connect with themselves. Nowhere can you see this more than in the reviews we get every day. We could tell you about the benefits of floating all day long, but there’s nothing like a little third party perspective. Or, a lot of third party perspective. Below you can see a live feed of reviews from Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor.

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Highlighted Reviews:


“Oly Float is such a treat for my body, mind, and soul. The whole experience is centering and restorative.”
Kendra S.

“I have never in my life been so relaxed. I can’t find the words to do it justice. I will be back and be recommending it to everyone I know.”
Amy W.

“A place for your entire being to be seen and nurtured. The energy that radiates from every inch of Oly Float relaxes you instantly as you walk into the light blue door.”
Shyanne S.


Real-Time Reviews:

Rene Darcy Stone Avatar

Absolutely amazing! I have been in constant pain since an auto accident over 25 years ago. Within 5 minutes in the tank I felt 0 pain. I am now a member lol.

Rene Darcy Stone 12/28/2020

Jonathan Manier Avatar

Just what I needed. Helped relieve some pains I’ve been having and had plenty of time to reflect on some things that have been happening.

Jonathan Manier 12/05/2020

Cheryl Harper Avatar

You walk in the door and just feel so good, nice and calm with all those salt lamps and soft music. I had a great visit today like usual when there. I LOVE to float! I feel like a new peaceful person every time I leave there. It’s soothing to the body & soul. Thank you Oly Float!!

Cheryl Harper 11/22/2020

Sarah Mintzer Avatar

I look forward to the infrared sauna! I have time to relax and feel like I’m on a warm beach by checking into the sauna for a few minutes.

Sarah Mintzer 10/31/2020

Jackie Brim Avatar

Just had my first float at this location (years ago I went to one in Tacoma) and I must say this was a stellar experience! From beginning to end it was relaxing, the staff was great , and super clean! I’ll be back for sure! Highly recommend ❤️

Jackie Brim 10/10/2020

Julie Thumser Kerlee Avatar

Just had my first sauna experience at Oly Float and it was super relaxing- exactly what I needed after two very long work weeks. After the sauna, I feel like I can finally turn my brain off and unwind.

Julie Thumser Kerlee 9/06/2020

Lyle Ten Crows Fogg Avatar

So glad Oly Float is back open. Their space and services are a big part in my efforts to return to a healthy routine after the latest craziness. Their place is clean, relaxing and all the protocols for dealing with covid are reassuring.

Lyle Ten Crows Fogg 8/30/2020

Lisa Haider Avatar

So happy Oly Float opened back up again. 😊 Went in for a float last night and it was amazing as always. Extra time was taken by the staff to make sure everything was clean and sanitary for my float. I was so pleased, I purchased a 3 float package. Can’t wait to go again! Thank you Oly Float!!

Lisa Haider 8/15/2020

Ignacio Diaz Jr Avatar

Five months ago, I was looking forward to some amazing quiet time, but life took a detour. Today, I was able to get back to some incredible self care. So ironic, my adventure out into the world, was an adventure straight to my favorite place…an isolation tank!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to float and enjoy an infrared sauna session. My friends at OlyFloat opened back up yesterday, and I am …
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Ignacio Diaz Jr 8/15/2020

Jeffrey Rhodes Avatar

Third time floating here, excellent experience each time. Staff is efficient and professional, experience is amazingly relaxing. Strongly recommend.

Jeffrey Rhodes 3/02/2020

Stephanie Murdock Avatar

It was amazing olive is amazing!!! We went for infrared sauna it was awesome and my husband loved the shower will come back!!!

Stephanie Murdock 2/22/2020

Amanda McCarthy Avatar

The infrared sauna is awesome! Super clean facility and a 45 minute sweat sesh will leave you relaxed and recharged!

Amanda McCarthy 2/16/2020

Marie Poland Avatar

A deeply soulfully nourishing experience. This is an incredible opportunity to tune out distractions and tune into the expansiveness of who we really are and see what shows up. Feeling so grateful for this well organized, clean, supportive Mecca environment right here in NE Olympia.

Marie Poland 1/31/2020

Stef Zandell Avatar

Such a relaxing environment

Stef Zandell 1/23/2020

Tanya Scott Avatar

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Impeccably clean. Highly recommend.

Tanya Scott 1/23/2020

Carolyn Wright Avatar

The message and float package is totally worth it! The 60 min message was the wonderful way to start my spa day! So calming and soothing. Casey did a fantastic job! Moving to the 90 min float next is the perfect get away from our crazy busy lives. For me, it was the most relaxed I’ve ever been. Feels like your floating on a cloud. I ended my day with a 30 min infrared sauna. I will be back for sur… read more

Carolyn Wright 1/04/2020

Mary C. Avatar

5 star rating
Just what I needed!  My arthritis has been flaring up and after a sleepless night due to pain, I called in sick to work and booked an appointment at Oly Float to see if the soak would reduce my pain and inflammation.  

From the moment I entered my tension started melting away – the front waiting area is peaceful and welcoming.  

The float was restful.  It took me a bit of time to quiet my mi…
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Mary C. 12/04/2019

Cynthia Ann Wilder Avatar

Living with PTSD this is a wonderful place.

It’s clean well managed and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.

This is a safe place for me to recharge.

Cynthia Ann Wilder 10/18/2019

Barbara A. Avatar

5 star rating
I had my first float yesterday. The cosy entrance was welcoming, as were the staff we met. The float was well explained and I climbed in to my tub enclosure after a refreshing shower. I was in 11 inches of water and about 1000 pounds of epsom salts and it felt great. I very soon lost track of my aching back and I just leaned into the experience of content weightlessness. It was physically and ment… read more

Barbara A. 9/19/2019

Brian R. Avatar

5 star rating
I love Oly Float. Dan, and the rest of the team, hold a beautiful healing space. My floats have given me the opportunity to get in touch with my aches and pains, and get an idea of where my headspace is at the time.

Brian R. 9/16/2019