We pride ourselves on our clients’ experiences and on our client relationships. We thrive on the human connections we make every day and on how we help people connect with themselves. Nowhere can you see this more than in the reviews we get every day. We could tell you about the benefits of floating all day long, but there’s nothing like a little third party perspective. Or, a lot of third party perspective. Below you can see a live feed of reviews from Facebook, and links to the other major review sites we maintain 5-star ratings on.

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Joshua Saitama Blakeney

Joshua Saitama Blakeney5 star — ★★★★★5 days ago

Quite possibly the best experience you could ask for. Extremely welcoming staff and very professional. Everyone should definitely give them a go.

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Tara McTyer

Tara McTyer5 star — ★★★★★1 week ago

Love it! At first I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know how I’d like the dark and unfamiliar space, but it was totally relaxing! The 90 minutes went by pretty quickly and I was wishing I didn’t have to get out!

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Rhonda Egolf Rosenlof

Rhonda Egolf Rosenlof5 star — ★★★★★1 week ago

I booked the Mother’s Day package ( Float and Massage ) I was floating on a cloud when I left. The massage I got from Jacklyn was totally relaxing. I had a small issue with my right elbow that she worked the pain out of. It’s like stepping into another world of calm and relaxation!

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Lyn Hertz

Lyn Hertz5 star — ★★★★★2 weeks ago

After just one session with Dan, I feel much more grounded, more in touch with my surroundings, and generally more in touch with myself. I will return.

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Tara Livingood-Schott

Tara Livingood-Schott5 star — ★★★★★2 weeks ago

I have recently been going through some serious health issues when I found Oly Float, it has been my saving grace. It’s a great way to decompress from all the stress and find my center. I signed up for the membership and go 2x a month which I have found to be a wonderful mental maintenence. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it.

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Samuel Bailey

Samuel Bailey5 star — ★★★★★2 weeks ago

I went to Oly Float for one last attempt at finding silence and I found it. I am a disabled vet. With PTSD, Fibromyalgia, bipolar, arthritis, scoliosis, severe chronic migraines, insomnia and who knows what else. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt that good. The staff was amazing. They showed compassion and understanding. Even to someone as out of place as me. The water felt blissful. Stung at first. But that’s because the salt 😉 it means it’s working.

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Kim Kim

Kim Kim5 star — ★★★★★2 weeks ago

I’m going to do it again and again. Maybe with the temp up just a tad. I immediately bought floats for my son and husband. Chuckle, “The Hamster Wheel” needs to be tamed.

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Niki Petersen Charneski

Niki Petersen Charneski5 star — ★★★★★2 weeks ago

Blissful and relaxing.
The staff and the facility were excellent. I enjoyed having tea afterwards, to step back into the world.

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Tiffany Colleen

Tiffany Colleen5 star — ★★★★★3 weeks ago

Absolutely worth it! After the most stressful 2 weeks, I feel so revived and happy, words can’t fully express the impact it has on you. I’ve already started recommending people, and I left only 5 hours ago!

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Erika Johnson

Erika Johnson5 star — ★★★★★4 weeks ago

First time float today, I can definitely see why people continually incorporate this into their lives; I will be now as well!!

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Daniel Travis Bumbarger

Daniel Travis Bumbarger5 star — ★★★★★2 months ago

Fantastic place! I visited the room in wood style while my partner used the metal room. It was blissful and timeless! Definitely recommend floating if you have back pain, it helped me out!

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Karen Swift

Karen Swift5 star — ★★★★★2 months ago

Great first time float. I did not want it to end. I will definitely be coming back. Loved the metal room and the magic shower. Staff are informative and welcoming.

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Megan Eli LaBahn

Megan Eli LaBahn5 star — ★★★★★2 months ago

I had my first float experience tonight! It was very cool and very relaxing. The facility was very clean and the young guy who was working was very friendly and knowledgeable. I didn’t know that the effects of a float continue to develop in your body for several hours to several days. I look forward to seeing how I feel in the days to come and I look even more forward to my next float!

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Tracy Diane Lusby

Tracy Diane Lusby5 star — ★★★★★2 months ago

I had an amazing experience and I am excited for my next visit!

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Marissa Bolaños

Marissa Bolaños5 star — ★★★★★2 months ago

I went floating for the first time ever while being 32 weeks pregnant. It was such a relaxing and nourishing experience of self care and meditation. My blood pressure had been a little high, but it went back to normal after the float. I have been able to sleep a lot better too. I also had the amazing experience of listening to my baby’s heart beat in the tank, which made for an awesome bonding experience. I would recommend the float tank to anyone needing to decompress and rest, which is pretty much everyone.

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Elena Todd

Elena Todd5 star — ★★★★★3 months ago

Great experience! Staff are friendly, welcoming and informative. My first float was last night, and it was everything I had expected and more. Relaxing is not quite the right word. Everyone should try this at least once!

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Daniel Gingras

Daniel Gingras5 star — ★★★★★3 months ago

I have loved my each and every experience in the Float Tanks!

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Alisha Vananzo

Alisha Vananzo5 star — ★★★★★3 months ago

I wish I knew about this place sooner, I recommend to anyone (especially floating)!

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Matthew Gulbranson

Matthew Gulbranson5 star — ★★★★★4 months ago

Loved my float, thank you! Will certainly be back.

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