Oly Float Anti-Harassment Policy

At Oly Float & The Soul Space, we invest a lot of time and energy into hiring amazing people to serve you, whether that be at the front desk or a practitioner providing you with direct service.   Our team’s sense of safety while at work is absolutely paramount to us.

We maintain a zero harassment policy.


Sexual Harassment

Any form of sexual harassment, sexual innuendo, inappropriate sexual conduct, unsolicited touching or sexually suggestive conduct of any kind towards either staff or other clients of Oly Float will result in immediate termination of any service that is being provided and ejection from our business.  As an independent business and employer, we simply have zero tolerance for any conduct that makes any member of our staff or any client feel unsafe in any way at The Soul Space.

If a service is terminated early due to sexual harassment, no refunds will be issued for that service.

In the event of any public complaint about Oly Float following ejection due to sexual harassment (for example, social media), it is our policy to publicly disclose all details of the reasons for ejection.


Aggressive Behavior

Float centers work daily with people on all ranges of a neurocognitive spectrum.  We work with depression, anxiety, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and a myriad of other neurodivergent states, and always have 100% compassion and understanding for those states of mind and the moods they can create.  We’re here to serve you in seeking alleviation of the symptoms of those states.

If, however, the behavioral expression of any of those states results in or for any reason at all there is conduct towards any staff member or other client that is aggressive, confrontational, disturbing to the tranquility of our healing arts center, or otherwise makes anybody feel unsafe, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately.   Our staff have the full support of Oly Float management to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all staff and clients.  Harassment of any kind will be not tolerated.


We thank you for respecting these policies at all times and invite you to expect the same of any Olympia business.