About Oly Float


Oly Float is one of the country’s leading floatation therapy centers. Based in the heart of Olympia, Oly Float and its home, The Soul Space, was born as a brand new healing arts center, with two custom-designed float rooms, infrared sauna therapy, and multiple partnerships with an amazing array of other practitioners.

man-floating1Oly Float provides floatation therapy – or “sensory deprivation” – services to athletes, meditators, soul seekers, busy professionals and everyone in between. Our mission is to help everyone discover the amazing and diverse healing benefits that floatation therapy offers, from mental performance to stress relief to recovery from pain, injuries and illnesses.

About Soul Space

The original Soul Space business operated as a single-tank floatation therapy business at the Westside Wellness Center.  The new float center building, in a new expanded location on the east side, has been commemoratively dubbed “The Soul Space”, in honor of our roots and as a logical umbrella for all of the various healing arts modalities that are all focused on healing our body, mind and soul.

More About The Soul Space  

Oly Float @ The Soul Space

Himalayan Salt lampsWith the new Soul Space building, we set out to create a different type of healing arts center. Certainly, there are lots of excellent healing arts centers in Olympia, but we wanted Oly Float and the Soul Space to be a true retreat, an escape, from the outside world. More than just a therapeutic exercise, we strive to create a truly transcendent space, vibrant in color and natural tones, adorned with salt crystal lamps, abundant flora, water themes, and local art.

When our front door closes behind you, we want you to step into a different space. The Soul Space. Your Soul Space.

herbal-tea-cupUnplug. Slow down. Relax. Breathe. Reflect. Stop and enjoy a cup of herbal tea, tailored by our in-house herbalist towards supporting your body with nutrients complimentary to your floatation experience. We’ve designed the Soul Space to be relaxing from beginning to end, with quiet corners to re-compress and gather yourself before heading back out into the world after your float.

Bring your friends, family, and colleagues and make it a Float Party! Float at the same time – not in the same tank, of course – and compare notes after!

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Custom Float Tank Design

The Wood RoomIn addition to offering a full float center, Oly Float also custom-designs and builds float tanks for private use.  Our experienced designers know how to design tanks for efficiency, safety, compliance with health department requirements, and, most of all, to ensure the most relaxing and transcendent experience possible.  See examples of our custom-built tanks here.